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​Health Communication and the Diabetes Narratives of Key Social Media Influencers in the UK


Introduction to the research

Hi, everyone. I'm Zhaozhang Sun, a PhD student at King's College London, UK.  I’m now carrying out my PhD research to explore health(diabetes) communication strategies that may be beneficial for people’s health-related knowledge, attitudes, confidence and behaviours. 

I want to invite three types of participants to contribute to my study, 1) social media users who are interested in diabetes-related/ health-related information, 2) social media influencers who create and share diabetes-related information, and 3) professionals at diabetes-related and healthcare-related organisations in the UK.  Your views and perspectives will be collected via online interviews (influencers and professionals) and online questionnaires (users) to understand the role social media influencers/professionals play in communicating health and its effect on influencing people's health-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours, and further, provide ideas and suggestions for health stakeholders to promote health communication.   


There are no right or wrong answers to this – I am keen to gain a wide variety of opinions. Before you decide whether or not you would like to participate in this study, I will provide you with clear and adequate information on this study to enable you to make a fully informed choice.

I really value your participation in this research and your willingness to share your experience and views.  

Stay safe and I wish you a healthy and happy life.